Postpartum FAQs:


After delivery, bleeding is common for the first 4-6 weeks. It may increase
and decrease throughout your postpartum period. If you bleed more than a
pad per hour for greater than 2 hours please contact us.

Showers vs Baths

You may shower, but baths should be avoided until the bleeding has


Don’t DRIVE one week after a vaginal delivery and for at least two weeks
after a cesarean section. (YOU SHOULD BE OFF NARCOTICS PRIOR TO


Sex should be avoided for at least 6 weeks postpartum; then a lubricant such as astroglide would be suitable, especially for those who are nursing.


Some swelling following delivery is common even if you had none during
your pregnancy. Elevating your feet and compression stockings may help.

Pads or Tampons?

Pads, NOT tampons should be used at this time.


Avoid vigorous exercise for 4-6 weeks after delivery. No swimming. You may walk.

Medications & Vitamins

You should continue taking your prenatal vitamins while nursing (or 6 weeks postpartum if you are not nursing). Extra calcium (500 mg daily) should also be taken.

If constipated, Metamucil, Fiber-con, Miralax, Colace, Phillips’ Stool Softner
may be used with lots of water.

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