Test Results

Thank you for allowing us to be a partner in your care. During your evaluation you most likely had testing done. How will you hear about those results? We view your care as a team approach and want to provide the best care possible. What does that mean? That we are both responsible for your results. Below is a list of tests and how you can expect to hear about your results. You may also get access to your results by signing up with My Chart.

Our goal is to always inform you as quickly as possible of abnormal results.  We do not routinely call with all normal results. If after 7 business days, you have not heard from our office and you wish to receive results, please call us at 703-260-1179.


Pap Smear

If you had a pap smear today, it takes at least 2 weeks for the office to receive your results.  We call you with abnormal results.  But in this imperfect world, there are sometimes glitches that happen outside of our control.  If you haven’t heard from us, please call our office for your results. This is a safety measure that we are both checking on those results.  We also have a checking system in the office that is a team approach. We are working together for your best health care.


You will receive a letter from the radiologist if your mammogram is normal.  If there are concerns about your mammogram you will hear from the radiologist about how to follow up.  If further orders are needed from our physicians, the radiologist will contact the office.


If your DEXA results are normal, the physician may attempt to call you by phone or let you know your results by mail. If the results are abnormal, you may be asked to schedule an appointment to discuss the results and recommended treatment.

First Trimester/ Genetic Screening

You will receive a phone call from the facility where you had your genetic testing done, either INOVA Fairfax ATC, or Greater Washington MFM.  If you have not heard your results, please contact them directly INOVA Fairfax ATC at (703) 776-6654,

or Greater Washington Maternal Fetal Medicine at (571) 703-4587.

Glucose Testing

If your test is abnormal, you will receive a phone call within 1- 5 business days of the test.  If your results are normal, you can expect to hear at your next visit.


If any of these tests have been ordered, we ask you to make an appointment to come back and see the doctor who ordered your test after you have had it done.  This allows for a complete discussion of the results and to make a plan, if therapy or surgery is needed.

Blood work/ Cultures

We attempt to call as quickly as possible after we receive your results.  Culture results normally take 3 days. If you have not heard from the office in what you judge to be a timely fashion, we ask that you call the office for your results.

Obstetrical blood work

The blood work done on your first visit will be reviewed with you when you come for your next visit.  If there is a result that needs to be addressed before your next visit, you will receive a phone call. Make sure that you bring your flash drive with you as it will be downloaded onto your flash drive.

Level 2 Sonogram

If you had your ultrasound done at our office, you will speak with the doctor directly after it is completed.  Your test will be “officially” read by the radiologist later that day or the following day and if there are any changes to those results, every attempt will be made to contact you on the next business day.  Our sonographer will also call you in 1-2 business days after your test.   If you had your sonogram done at INOVA Fairfax ATC, or Greater Washington MFM, you will hear directly from them.

Group B Strep Test

You will be informed of your results at your next visit.  If you are not informed, please ask. These results are important for you to know at time of delivery.


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